Boomer Chick Adventure Questions:

What Adventures Are Offered? Most of the adventures are outdoors and include activities like hiking, kayaking, horseback-riding, garden walks, water tubing, surfing lessons, just to name a few. Other “softer” adventures will include dance lessons, art classes, and more.

What Will We Actually Do? Your Boomer Chick Adventure day will focus on the activity planned. Yet on some adventures you may find there are also opportunities for guided journaling or small groups for a bit of focused chatting (NOT advice-giving!). You may experience some simple guided conversation around what you want more or less of in your life. I am a Coach, after all. You will bring your own lunch for the full-day outings. However, yummy snacks will be provided.

What if I am New to These Adventures? No worries! Whether you are a beginner or an expert at any these activities, they are the right fit for you if you enjoy trying new things or are simply interested in hanging out with like-minded, playful and positive women to experience fun, laughter, and camaraderie. Simple intro-lessons will be given at the start of every event.

Where Will These Adventures Take Place? Adventure sites will vary, depending upon the activity. Possible locales include the trails, lakes, and streams of the New Jersey Pinelands in Burlington County, the Jersey shore, the Upper Delaware River near New Hope and Lambertville, and local libraries and art studios in and around Southern New Jersey. See the Upcoming Adventures page for current adventures and dates.

How Much Will These Adventures Cost? Adventure prices vary, starting as low as $25 to $85, depending upon the activity and setting. Fees are higher for weekend-long events. You will always be invited to take advantage of an Early Bird discount.

How Do I Register for These Adventures? Simply Email Patt stating the title and date of the adventure you choose to attend. You will then receive details and payment procedure for the event.

What if I Have to Cancel? All cancellations must be in writing and received at least 48 hours prior to the start of the event. Your cancellation is subject to a $20 cancellation fee. There will be no refunds after the 48 hour time period. NOTE: In some instances, credit may be used towards an upcoming adventure within a 6-month time period.

May I Bring a Friend? Absolutely! In fact, if you bring 2 or more friends, your fee will be discounted.

I am Interested in Finding Out More About Boomer Chick Adventures! Simply zip an email to Patt with the words "Boomer Chick Interest" in the subject line to get more details and updates.

"What a wonderful experience. A well thought-out agenda! Nice Pace. Good flow of introspection, physical activity and creativity. Idyllic location! An absolutely perfect day! Thank you so much!" EW (Medford, NJ)

"It was an awesome day on the water! Just enough time for kayaking with time to think and talk with others. Thanks for a great experience. I'll be back!" KC (Medford, NJ)