Coaching with Patt

As Your Coach:
I love to inspire, motivate and support successful and energetic woman and men in your quest to discover what you REALLY want to do with the rest of your life. This happens through powerful dialogue, either by scheduled phone sessions or in-person nature walks.

As Your Adventure Retreat Leader:
I provide the space and opportunity for lovers of nature to get outdoors and reconnect with who you really are; to take time for personal renewal while providing the time, support and resources to move toward the adventure of creating the life you really want.

As Both Your Coach and Retreat Leader:
I work in partnership with you to help identify, define and reach your personal and professional goals, all in a light and playful manner.

"I truly felt I had a problem "focus." Yet within the first hour, Patt unraveled the picture and helped me find that what I had was an unprotected work structure. What that meant for me was that I was allowing outside people control my day and then my work came last. I needed boundaries, and that was amazing to me! We went through the process of my establishing strong boundaries. 

Two years later and continued sessions with Patt, my business is growing. I have branched out into writing and speaking, as well as the core business of consulting. I am able to control my day without feeling as though I am hurting the ones I love. I feel strong, much more confident, and when I get myself twisted over business or family, she helps me see solutions or resolutions to my challenges that I had not. She challenges me to come up with several choices on how to manage the issues, then I find my own comfortable way to deal with it. Patt does not tell me what to do. Instead she empowers me to decide what works best for me." LW (New Hope, PA)

"Patt has an amazing ability to illicit from me my central truths. Some of my most profound revelations have come while being guided by her masterful questioning and discovery process. Patt helped me successfully three career transitions in two years, landing me in a career that is a perfect fit, and my work with her has also spread to all other areas of my life. I am a far happier, open and connected person today than I was two years ago. Not only may this process taken a decade or so of exploration had it done it on my own, it most certainly would have been more difficult and effortful. I have achieved so much in so little time due to my work with Patt that I can, without a single reservation, recommend her to anyone." JGB (Philadelphia, PA)