Welcome to Boomer Chick Adventures

I remember many years ago National Public Radio (NPR) ran a wonderful series on their program Morning Edition about peace. Each week, NPR correspondent Susan Stamberg and her crew went around the country and stopped people on the street to ask, "Where do you go to find your own personal peace?" It was a simple but powerful and thought-provoking question that evoked many interesting, heartfelt, and often moving responses. It's a very good question to consider.

When I ask myself that question, there is no hesitation. For me, it is ALWAYS outdoors in Nature, no matter the weather. I am lucky to be living in an area that is close to many lovely outdoor settings. And not too far away is our beloved NJ Pine Barrens, a unique and natural setting that covers over 1 million acres of pristine streams and woodlands. Whenever I need a place to think and de-stress, or simply BE, I walk out my door and head to the woods. It is there, always, where I find focus, clarity, answers and peace. 

What about you? When you are feeling the pressures of everyday life, where do YOU go? Is it somewhere in Nature or a quiet spot in your home or even just gazing out a window for a moment? Wherever it is, go to that place as often as you can; for 5 minutes or maybe even 5 hours. It is there that I hope you may find the peace that you seek. 

And, please consider joining us on one or more of the upcoming Boomer Chick Adventures. I can promise you a peaceful few hours in a beautiful natural environment where you can tune out the world for a bit with peace. Patt