It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!

As the summer season unfold, my energy levels increase. Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year! And as the days get longer and the temperatures rise, it's getting delightfully busy here at Boomer Chick Adventures. Lots of playful activities are on the agenda. A Summer Solstice Walk, after work Wednesday evening Nature Strolls, and lake kayaking as well as back-bay kayaking; all guaranteed to lower you stress levels and raise your fun quotient. 😊

If you dig outdoor events in lovely environments while connecting with like-minded folks, Boomer Chick Adventures are just the ticket! Checkout the Adventures for dates and details.

C'mon out and play!!!

The Art of Aging

Tamala Edwards from Action News discusses The Art of Aging with Boomer Chick Adventure Leader, Patt Osborne.

A Nemophilist and Forest Bathing

I've recently learned two new words; at least new to me.

One is "nemophilist." It means one who is fond of the forest; who loves its beauty and its solitude; a haunter of the woods. That's me for sure. And I'm guessing it may, at least partially, describe you as well.

The other is "forest bathing," also known as shinrin-yoku; a Japanese healing term and therapy of "taking in the forest." It was developed in Japan during the 1800s and has become a cornerstone of preventative healthcare and healing in Japanese medicine. The idea is simple: if a person simply visits a natural area and walks in a relaxed way, there are calming, rejuvenating and restorative benefits to be achieved. This is an area that I am very interested in and I am further exploring. I'll keep you posted on what I learn.

In the meantime, look for upcoming Boomer Chick Adventures that will include monthly meditative walks in the woods, just for the purpose of slowing down and immersing ourselves in the beautiful forest environments of our local South Jersey area. Ahhhhh....

Upcoming 2017 Boomer Chick Adventures

I've been working on the 2017 Boomer Chick Adventures.

There are no dates or times yet. Some locations are obvious, other are yet to be determined.

So this is just a heads-up that NEW 2017 adventures are in the works and the list is up at the Boomer Chick Adventures. Just scroll to the bottom of the page.

See you in 2017 on the Adventure circuit.

Happy Trails, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year.

Another Boomer Chick Adventure

On a solitary, contemplative hike in the beautiful NJ Pine Barrens.

I'm in preparation for a Boomer Chick Adventure I'm leading here on Saturday, April 20.

This scene is beside the lovely Wading River...nothing but the sounds of birds singing, flowing water, and the gentle breezes ... Ahhh...

Come Join Me!

An Adventurer Looks at 60

I'm turning 60 this year.  (Which totally blows my mind since I feel like 35 or 40.)  Anyway, I'm big on birthday celebrations, both for myself and for my family members.  That's all thanks to a great upbringing where my parents made a big deal every year over my sister's and my birthdays.  And so the tradition continues.

Decade birthdays are an even bigger deal!  I like to turn each of my own decade birthdays into a yearlong celebration;  starting off with a big challenging adventure.  When I turned 30, it was sky diving.  40 was bungee-jumping.  50 was a week long solitary getaway to the San Juan Islands and Olympic National Park in Washington State.a

 As my 60th looms closer, I've landed on an adventure that totally excites and energizes me: thanks to an idea I came up with after putting out an inquiry to my FaceBook friends.  I decided to hike the 50 mile Batona Trail that winds through the million acres of the beautiful NJ Pine Barrens where I live.  Initially I was going to do this over one long weekend of 4-5 days yet I was not jazzed about schlepping food, my sleeping bag and tent, plus all the other necessary gear.  I just want to enjoy the serenity of the woods.  So, instead, I decided to do it in 5 different legs of about 10 miles each.  Thanks to what others have done before me, I now have each section all mapped out; from the beginning to the end of the full 50 miles.

My favorite hiking partner (my husband Robert) and I began and completed the 1st leg last Sunday, starting at the Northern terminus of the long trail and ... it was AWESOME!!  We had most of the trail to ourselves on a clear and sunny 60 degree day so it was completely quiet and serene.  We ended that 1st leg of 8+ miles at Pakim Pond where we had lunch, relaxed, and celebrated ourselves and our journey.  At the end of that 1st day, I was absolutely giddy in the knowledge that I had chosen the perfect adventure for me to celebrate my 60 years on this planet.  On future legs, I look forward to being joined by various friends and family members to make the journey all the  more memorable and meaningful.

What about YOU?  How do you celebrate your birthday milestones?  What do you do to honor your years in existence?  Please share ... I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas...