Downsizing Dreams

I just hosted my annual December De-Stress retreat at my home last week. During our time together, I noticed one common thread of conversation that continued among the Boomer Chicks who were in attendance was about how our lifestyles are changing. We discussed how we are more interested in getting rid of our “stuff” instead of accumulating more.  Many of us (including myself) shared our dream of living in a much smaller space in the not-too-distant future. It’s clear that we do not necessarily want to give up the amenities of a larger home like hardwood floors, attractive and functional kitchens, fireplaces, or a relaxing outdoor deck or porch in a pretty setting. It’s just that we’re simply realizing that we want those things in a smaller home design. We’re finding that “less is more” instead of “bigger is better”. My own perfect vision of a smaller space includes less rooms and significantly decreased square footage  and is within walking distance of a lively diverse, cultural area that includes fresh, healthy,  innovative restaurants,  and has an attractive outdoor natural setting; good for walking and biking. My plan for the upcoming New Year is to see how my husband and I can bring that vision to fruition.
What about YOU? Are you looking at downsizing your own lifestyle? If so, I’d love to hear what you’re thoughts/ideas are. In the meantime, check out my new favorite site; Enjoy!


  1. Hey's Speese. I have retired from teaching and am really in a different stage of life that I am totally enjoying...even though not rich. Hope all is well. Congrats on being a grandparent.

  2. Pat,
    I've been downsizing for a couple of yrs now...last yr I reduced my possessions by 1/2, and the rest i put into storage while I embarked a many month adventure. During that time I "lived" mostly out of my in the front seat, kitchen in the back and closet in the trunk...and bed in the homes of many friends, loved ones, and new friends along the way. I got to see what I can really live with out as I was living with bare necessities. Now I am residing in a 1 room studio pad with a 2 burner stove and it is more than enough right now. I have 2 frying pans, 4 pots, 2 forks, 2 knives, 4 spoons, a couple glasses, a tea mug, a blender, and some kitchen utensils. Doing without everything else. It's an interesting practice for sure. And amazing how quickly we can start adding more stuff to our collection. I experienced that after living in a small RV for 2 yrs, then moved into a larger home...just gotta fill up that space, ya know?? :) My biggest challenge is clothes...I like to have a variety ad lots of options to satisfy my various moods. Haven't figured out that one yet. :)

  3. You're an inspiration Margie!!